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Crypto-consulting and Blockchain

Estonia company formation

Crypto-Consulting and Blockchain

Traditional financial services are becoming a thing of the past under the pressure of new technologies, but their regulation does not always keep pace with progress.

Our specialists will help you with electronic contracts, smart contracts, electronic payments and cryptocurrencies, we will develop and implement compliance procedures.

Individual Approach to Every Client

Depending on the type of your business, we will recommend the best legal solutions for you. If Estonia will not suit for your business, then we will recommend the best jurisdiction in the WORLD, specifically for your business!
Goal and Task Discussion
Free preliminary consultation
Problem Analysis and Needs Identification
Analysis of your case and providing a commercial proposal
Preparation and Signing of Agreement
Assistance in the preparation of the necessary documents (identity verification, power of attorney and other documents), selection of the name of the company, signing of agreement
Preparation of Documents for Registration
Preparation of Articles of Association of the company, memorandum of association, legal address and contact person agreements, and other documents
Company Registration
We submit documents to the register, register a company, pay all fees and duties
After Registration
We prepare a corporate package of documents in the language you need, if necessary, with a notarized translation and certification
After Registration
• Obtaining VAT and EORI numbers
• Opening a current account
• Acquaintance with an accountant
Transfer of the finished solution to the client
If you have a resident status, the roadmap will be twice as short!

We Know That This is Important for You

  • The full cost is known and fixed in advance

  • We fix all the conditions in the contract

  • Consultant on all legal issues in Estonia

  • International experience in our team professional international lawyers

  • Our specialists are fluent in English and Estonian

  • We have experience in supporting almost all types of business: from agricultural to blockchain technologies

  • And yes - we will open an account for you!

  • *Decision on account opening is done by credit/financial institution independently, therefore PFSER cannot guarantee account opening

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Choose a Convenient Tariff Plan

Prices in tariffs are for informational purposes only and are calculated for one founder of the company
from 1000
  • All options of the Basic tariff

  • A package of corporate documents with notarized translation, certification and apostille

  • Obtaining VAT number

  • Obtaining an EORI number

  • Opening a current account

  • Assistance in obtaining e-Residency

  • All duties and taxes are included

from 690
  • Consultancy and business analysis

  • Company registration in Estonia

  • Preparation of articles of association and memorandum of association

  • Legal address and contact person

  • Personal manager

  • All duties and taxes are included

Why Do Businessmen from All Over the World Register Companies in Estonia

Income Tax = 0% if not distributed
The corporate tax rate is generally a flat 20%, calculated as 20/80 from taxable net payment. (When you pay out dividends for example)
Electronic Document Management System
Company formation, management and interaction with government authorities is completely online!
And the discovery of incredible remote possibilities
Multilingual Environment
Government portals and laws are available in the English Language. Most citizens speak 2 or 3 languages.

We Are a Provider You Can Trust

  • For more than 20 years we register companies worldwide

  • All corporate services in one place

  • We are licensed service provider

  • We have representatives in more than 40 countries

  • We have registered more than 10 000 legal entities

  • We accompany traditional and innovative businesses

company formation in Estonia

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have an e-resident card and only need a legal address; do you offer this service?

    Yes, we do. You can only order the address from us and take over the entire registration process and carry it out online. The cost of a legal address for one year starts from 150 EUR, depending on the business activity and location.

    Do you help/assist in obtaining licenses for cryptocurrency, investment or gambling activities?

    We help with obtaining absolutely all types of licenses and permits in Estonia: for cryptocurrency projects, electronic money, gambling, pharmaceuticals, investment and insurance activities, logistics, and much more.

    Since 1997, we have received over 500 different licenses for our clients.

    Do you assist with obtaining a trademark or patent?

    Yes, we do. We can register a trademark or patent both in Estonia and throughout the European Union. If these regions are not enough, then we can register under the Madrid Protocol in 124 countries.

    I would like to establish an Estonian company with my foreign company, can you assist me with this?

    Yes, since 1997, we have carried out many registrations in which a foreign legal entity acted as the founder and shareholder.

    For certain reasons, I would like to close a company in Estonia, do you provide liquidation services?

    We provide all types of restructuring, including dissolution/liquidation services. For more information, please describe your case to our specialists.

    Is it legal for an Estonian legal entity to have an account in another country?

    Yes, it is legal.

    Do you register companies in other countries?

    Private Financial Services is a group of companies with offices in Tallinn, Riga, St. Petersburg, London.

    We do register companies in over 100 jurisdictions. For more information on registration in other countries, please visit our main website


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    If you have any questions regarding business in Estonia (and not only) we will be happy to answer them.

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    License number: FIU000179